Iquique, Chile

(sticker located top right corner of electrical box)

GDF Suez teamed with Solar Power Group, German renewable energy company, to develop a solar facility for a coal plant in Northern Chile. The solar power will provide thermal energy for steam production, reducing the amount of coal burned and greenhouse emissions in the atmosphere. Although, coal is still being burned, this is still a step forward!


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Edited Posters!

I decided to change the message of my poster to make the message more clear!

*Will be posting a variety of new photos soon!

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Green Patriots at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum

Today I swung by the Cooper-Hewitt National Design on the Magnificent Museum Mile in New York, NY. Currently, the museum is showcasing the National Design Triennial: Why Design Now? The exhibit focuses on green, environmentally-friendly design through the themes of: energy, mobility, simplicity, community, materials, prosperity, health, and communication.

I was excited to see the Green Patriot Poster Project represented in the exhibit!  The project aims to bring back the enthusiastic “Rosie the Riveter” attitude when it comes to the protecting the environment and halting climate change through poster design.  Pictured above, designer, Michael Bierut created bus ads and posters to emphasize the patriotic value of riding the bus since using public transit reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

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Sydney, Australia


“With BP’s Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling project continuing to gush crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico, it’s now more important than ever for energy industries of all stripes to educate the public on the necessity of meeting future demand”

– Dave Freudenthal, Wyoming Gov. 

June 23 & 24 marks Australia’s second International Advanced Coal Technologies Conference in Australia.  Six different nations sent more than 170 leaders to come up with a solution to climate change issues caused by coal. Although Australia and U.S. leaders want a quick solution, the problem of lack of funding for advancing technologies remain. Yet, Gov. Dave Freudenthal noted that he believes that in the reality of the situation, solutions are still in reach. It was said that the two major players in the advancement of coal technologies are the U.S. and China. While the U.S. has the engineering technologies, China has the market to buy it as the rest of the world benefits from the cooperation. As climate change affects the world everyday, many leaders believe that improvements need to be made now, since we do not have the time to wait twenty years.’

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Process Impact

Student Exhibition of Activist Art To Open at MSU April 16

A student organized national exhibition of activist art titled Process Impact is scheduled to open at Murray State University (MSU) Curris Gallery on April 16. Thirty-five works by 25 student artists from 16 states will be on display for public viewing. An opening reception with refreshments and a brief presentation about the exhibition will be held Friday, April 16, 6-8pm.

“I was delighted to discover a wide range of approaches to targeting and addressing current issues and trends in this time of change,” says co-juror and exhibition coordinator Stacey Reason. “I commend artists who are passionate about humanity in the way these artists are.”

Reason proposed and received a highly competitive fellowship from the Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activity Department that enabled her to coordinate this exhibition. With the curatorial assistance of former MSU gallery director Becky Alley and Department of Art and Design Chair Dick Dougherty, this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a student to curate a national show of fellow students “offers a compelling perspective on young contemporary artists creating socially conscious work,” says Alley about the show. “I was both impressed with the quality of work and moved by how thoughtfully the artists addressed such challenging and often troubling content.”

Process Impact represents student artists from across the nation that are making art in order to make a difference. Economic crisis, alternative energy, and social violence are among topics that are addressed in the exhibition, as well as loosely interpreted subjects like humanism and a collectivist spirit. Work in the show utilizes both traditional and nontraditional art mediums to convey their messages. Some artists have also presented interactive opportunities for viewers to participate in their work.

The opening reception on April 16th will be a multi-faceted event celebrating the artistic efforts of the represented artists. The public is invited to join the community at this event for an evening of art, refreshments, conversation, and activism.


Stacey Reason
Facebook: Process Impact group

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A sad day for bluefin tuna…

Tokyo, Japan

Since global warming is occuring, many species, including polar bears and bluefin tuna, are in danger since they are being forced to acclimate to new, negative changes to their habitats. At a UN conference, U.S. representatives pushed for a proposal to protect the polar bears and ban bluefin tuna trade. Although, most countries recognized that species are in danger, unfortunately, the proposal didn’t pass.  As UN spokesman saidit wasn’t a very good day for conservation.”

As some countries were saddened by the outcome, Japan celebrated a victory. Bluefin tuna is considered a delicacy in Japan and is extremely lucrative. 80% of bluefin tuna is consumed in Japan.

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New Zealand

10.5% of New Zealand’s electricity is supplied by coal power. New Zealand coal imports have reached a three-year high this year(244,000 metric tons). New Zealand coal is a rare, hot commodity for specialized uses since it formed during the Tertiary and Cretaceous periods, making it younger. Also, New Zealand coal has a lower ash content. But don’t be fooled, New Zealand coal still emits Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere!

Global warming has made a negative impact on the environment in the Oceanic region. Within the last decade, ocean temperatures have risen 1.8º, meaning the sea levels have been rising in accordance with global warming trend. Warmer temperatures also harm the coral reefs that are abundant in this region, and this leads to coral bleaching. Coral bleaching, or the whitening of corals, occurs most commonly due to extreme temperature changes and this causes stress on the coral, leading to its death.

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